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NATMI Training & Certification

Tuesday–Friday | September 10-13, 2024

Cottingham & Butler Headquarters
800 Main St, Dubuque IA, 52001

Each person from your company who plans to attend the workshop should complete this registration form.

According to NATMI, recipients who enrolled in a NATMI training and certification lowered their organization's accident rate by 86%, achieved a lower occupational injury rate by 83%, and controlled costs associated with accident litigation by 100%. The cost of participating in NATMI is minimal compared to the company’s day-to-day operational savings.

The Certified Director of Safety (CDS)/Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS) course is designed to help safety personnel attain a greater professional knowledge base that should, in turn, provide greater confidence to improve operations, prevent and control injury and damage, as well as the ability to provide strong representation such as during a court case.

September 10-13, 2024


8:00 AM


Dubuque, IA

What You Need to Know

Date & Time: September 10-12  |  8:00AM - 4:30PM

and September 13  |  8:00AM - 11:00AM

Registration Deadline: Friday, August 9, 2024

Cost: $955

Payable to Safety Management Services Company

Click here to learn more about NATMI and the upcoming training

Your Trainer

Matt Montgomery

Safety Manager - Safety Management Services Company

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March-August, 2024

2024 Self-Insurance Simplified Webinar Series

Employee benefit costs are up 5.6% from 2022. Healthcare costs are one of the largest and fastest-growing business expenses and one that many feel they have very little control over. This webinar series comprehensively explores self-funding strategies for employers to provide cost-effective healthcare options. Don’t miss out! Explore the sessions below and register today!


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May 7-August 14, 2024

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July 23, 2024

Runaway Train: What’s Driving Outlandish Health Care Cost Increases and 7 Things Employers Can Do

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July 17, 2024

CVSA Brake Check: Insider Tips & Tricks

CVSA’s Operation Airbrake Program's next scheduled campaign will occur from August 25-31, 2024. In 2023, 18,875 commercial motor vehicles were inspected during this campaign, with 2,375 of those being placed out of service for brake-related violations. Properly functioning brake systems are crucial to safe commercial motor vehicle operation.   This webinar will bring in an inspector from the Ohio Department of Safety to prepare you for this campaign, and to bring education on what you as a carrier and/or driver can do to prevent these types of violations not only during this campaign but in your daily operations as well.
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July 25, 2024

2024 St. Paul

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