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Cottingham & Butler Captives & Programs deliver alternative risk solutions for best-in-class companies.

Joining our Construction Captive means collaborating with like-minded best-in-class companies.

Together, you'll gain control over your insurance programs and unlock the potential for substantial cultural and financial improvements.

Building a Better Future 

At Cottingham & Butler, our unwavering commitment revolves around building tightly controlled captives with a carefully curated selection of members. Our primary aim is to ensure that all members share common insurance goals and strategies, creating a solid foundation for success.

Standard Market

For best-in-class businesses, traditional insurance has historically been the go-to-choice for managing risk. However, it often comes with costly challenges.

  • Fluctuating insurance costs regardless of claims experience 

  • Market volatility beyond your control

  • Limited influence over claims management

  • The stress of last-minute renewals

  • Insurance carrier retains profits

Captive Program

A group captive brings together best-in-class companies who join to form their own insurance company. The captive is controlled by its owners, enabling companies to break free from the standard market.

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“With the assistance and guidance of the Cottingham & Butler safety team, we have enhanced our overall company safety program by improving our ability to document, follow up, and trend for the future. We have seen a shift from being reactive to proactive.”


Jacob Gilmore, Jr.   |   President & CEO, Gilmore Construction Corporation

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Construction in a Crush: Why Captives Are the Lifeline You Need
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Current Quarter Market Report
Preview of Cottingham & Butler's Captive Brochure.
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Unlock the Strategic Benefits of Captive Insurance

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Predictable Costs

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Less Market Volatility

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Control Over Claims

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Lower Premiums

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Tailored Coverage

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Best-in-Class Peer Engagement

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Return of Underwriting Profits

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Company Specific Loss Control


Is a Group Captive Right for You?

 Tired of paying too much for your insurance?

Want more control over claims handling?

Want to join growth-focused peers?

Need more proactive safety support?

Ready to invest in yourself for premium returns?

Captive Insight & Impact

Construction Captive

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