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Empowering Health & Wellbeing

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to your employees' wellbeing, understanding that a healthy workforce is a thriving workforce. We advocate for your employees' health and wellbeing because we know it's not just good for them; it's great for your bottom line. 

Building a Healthier Future

Investing in employee health is an investment in your organization's future. 

A healthier workforce translates to higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved morale. Our program design assistance focuses on tailoring wellness initiatives to align with your specific goals. Whether it's stress reduction, weight management, or encouraging a healthier lifestyle, we work hand-in-hand with you to craft a program that supports both your employees and your bottom line.

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Goal Identification

We work closely with clients to understand their unique workforce and benefits goals, helping them establish clear, measurable objectives for improving employee health and wellbeing.

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Vendor Selection

We leverage our extensive knowledge of the health and wellness vendor landscape to identify and recommend best-fit partners that align with each client's specific population health strategy, culture, and budget satisfaction. 

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Incentive Design

Ourteam excels at crafting creative, effective incentive programs that drive engagement in health initiatives by rewarding employees for taking steps to improve their wellbeing, from increasing physical activity to managing chronic conditions.

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Integrated Care Management

Did you know that integrated care management can help employers reduce healthcare costs by up to 15% and make employees feel more supported? Integrated care ensures your employees receive the right treatment at the right time, leading to better health outcomes and significant cost savings for your organization.

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Reduce Costs, Boost Engagement, and Empower Your Workforce

Just like employees wouldn't navigate a new city without a map, they shouldn't navigate their benefits alone either. MyAdvocacy makes benefits easy, fast and mobile by connecting employees with benefits plan details, in-network providers, expert benefit support, insurance card information, low-cost, quality providers, and healthcare accumulators.

Empowering Health Through Education

We believe education is the foundation of a healthy workforce. We offer engaging resources that empower both employers and employees to make informed decisions about their health, potentially leading to significant cost savings for your organization.

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HealthCheck360: Your Strategic Partner in Health & Wellbeing

Investing in employee wellbeing is an investment in your company's success. A healthy workforce is a happier, more productive, and less costly one. Our in-house wellness team, HealthCheck360, is just one way we can help you achieve this goal. Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of health and wellness solutions, including:

Population Health Insights

Population Health

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