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Employers often assume they understand what employees want, but do they truly grasp how satisfied employees are with their benefits packages?

Employee satisfaction with benefits is crucial to recruit and retain top talent. However, typical surveys lack depth and offer generic results, making it challenging for employers to make strategic decisions.

BenefitWave transforms traditional feedback methods. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and drawing on decades of consulting expertise, we help employers better understand employees' benefit preferences to maximize their benefits program.

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Research indicates that most job seekers prioritize benefits over salary, with 80% being willing to accept lower pay for better benefits.

The BenefitWave Advantage:


Expert Guidance

Expert benefits consultants align employee needs with cost-effective benefit value.

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Trade-Off Preferences

Unravel what truly matters to your employees by presenting benefit trade-offs.

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Date-Driven Design

Identify key value-driving decisions to design tailored benefit programs that attract and retain top talent.

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Why Employee Benefits Analysis Matters

Customized Benefits Creation: Transform raw employee feedback into precisely tailored benefit packages that resonate with individual needs.

Deeper Understanding: Dive into employee data and gain insights beyond surface preferences, crafting benefits that elevate satisfaction effectively.

Strategic Budgeting: Discover where additional budget allocation generates maximum impact, ensuring value-driven benefit strategies.


Design and deliver a total rewards program that turns employee feedback into the perfect benefits package.

Uncover priorities for a happier, more engaged workforce.

“What matters most to your employees: Paid Time Off or Workplace Flexibility?”

Discover insights to tailor your benefits effectively.

"In a trade-off between higher medical deductibles or increased premiums, which do your employees prefer and by how much?”

Understand preferences to enhance employee satisfaction.

"What holds greater value for your team: 401k Match or Tuition Reimbursement?”

Gain insights to optimize your benefits program and attract & retain top talent.

"If given additional budget for benefits, where would it create the most value?”

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Employee Benefits Insight & Impact


Start today by contacting a Benefits Consultant to learn more.

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