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Insurance Risk Solutions

We help clients lower their total cost of risk by challenging the status quo, solving complex business problems and delivering creative insurance solutions.

Our technical expertise and proprietary programs, combined with our commitment to client service, are the foundation of the value we bring to our clients every day.


Imagine a future where risk is not just managed, but confidently understood. We’ve found that most insurance programs provide a limited view of your total risk landscape. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the whole picture? 

The Cottingham & Butler Risk Management Assessment is a proprietary, deep-dive analysis that explores each client’s unique risks and uncovers gaps that are often missed in the normal insurance process.


Client Solutions

Empowering businesses with comprehensive solutions to navigate risk and achieve long-term success.

Featured Expertise

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The Captive Advantage

Tired of rising insurance costs and limited control? You're not alone. Many leading companies are turning to captive programs to:

Reduce costs: Gain greater control over your risk and potentially achieve significant savings.

Run a safer company: Proactive risk management programs within captives can lead to fewer claims and improved safety culture.

Control over claims: Have a say in the claims process and work with a team that truly understands your risk profile and expectations.

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One Hack Away From Disaster?

Cyber attacks are a constant threat, regardless of industry or size. According to IBM's 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a data breach for businesses is a staggering $2.6 million. Can your business afford these significant financial repercussions?

A single cyber attack can trigger a serious domino effect, crippling your daily operations, breaking customer trust, and exposing your organization to large fines and legal repercussions.


Don't wait for a disaster to strike. Secure your future, today.


Delivering Impact Across Every Industry

We take great pride in understanding every client and the unique industries in which they operate, which is why we provide dedicated, forward-thinking, relationship-driven teams to serve these and many other critical business sectors.

Client Impact Story

Discover How One Client Achieved a 28% Reduction in Property Premiums, Saving $675,000 Without Sacrificing Coverage

Insight & Impact

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