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Our culture empowers people to achieve extraordinary things.

We are more than a workplace; we are a collective force of individuals shaping success. Our 1300+ employees use their unique backgrounds, interests, and talents to make a difference in our work, our company, and our communities.


Our culture leads us to find ways to help people do extraordinary things.

Meet our team and explore their work, their passions and their stories.

At Cottingham & Butler, our mission and values are simple, yet sincere...

Grounded in a set of core values, we prioritize integrity, truthfulness, keeping your word, and the highest respect for individuals. We are committed to promoting positive relationships, understanding and serving our clients' long-term best interests as our own, and ensuring the enduring success of our company.

See How
They Shine

Our greatest asset is our people. Meet some of our recent Service Excellence Award winners – individuals who consistently go above and beyond, inspiring their colleagues and exceeding client expectations. 

Join us in a culture where your commitment to excellence is not only valued but celebrated! 

Experience a professional environment infused with a vibrant team spirit.

Join a workplace culture where collaboration and enjoyment go hand in hand, creating a dynamic and rewarding experience.

Explore Our Career Opportunities

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