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Waste Management
& Recycling

Don't let the complex risks of the waste and recycling industry disrupt your operations.

Over the last few years, the waste management and recycling insurance landscape has changed dramatically. With fewer carriers willing to take on the industry's unique risks - from increased fire incidents at MRFs to challenging auto losses - expert guidance is critical.

Our team of waste and recycling insurance experts doesn't just secure comprehensive coverage - we integrate seamlessly with your risk management strategy, finding you the best program options, implementing proactive mitigation tactics, and offering robust claims advocacy. By protecting your operations, workforce, and financial health, we enable you to focus on what matters most: keeping our communities clean and moving towards a sustainable future.


Comprehensive Risk Solutions 


Our team brings decades of experience working with businesses just like yours, from local haulers to large-scale MRFs. This specialized knowledge allows us to craft insurance solutions that address your specific needs and protect your business from every angle.

In addition to our specialized coverage for waste and recycling operations, we offer all standard business insurance coverage, ensuring comprehensive protection for your business.

Specialized Coverage Includes:

  • Pollution Exposure

  • Fleet Exposure

  • Premises Exposure

  • High Hazard Workers’ Compensation Exposure

  • Medical Waste Exposure

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In an industry where hazards lurk around every corner, a generic risk management approach simply won't cut it. 

Our proprietary Risk Management Assessment (RMA) digs deep into the specifics of your waste and recycling operation. We analyze your exposures, identify coverage gaps, and evaluate your safety protocols with an expert eye. The result? A comprehensive risk management plan that's custom-built for the unique challenges of your business.

Employee Rewards & Engagement

Safety Solutions

Did you know that the waste and recycling industry has one of the highest rates of workplace injuries and fatalities? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, waste collection workers have an injury rate 5.5 times higher than the national average for all industries.


Our hands-on safety services are designed specifically for the waste and recycling workforce, promoting a culture of safety from the route to the recycling facility. We offer industry-specific training, onsite risk control, and more to help prevent accidents, reduce injuries, and keep your team safe and productive.

Give your team the safety support they deserve. Learn more >

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Did you know the waste and recycling industry faces an average turnover rate of 22%, nearly double the national average across all sectors? 

But here's the good news: a well-crafted employee benefits program can make a significant difference. Studies show that companies offering comprehensive benefits packages experience a 138% increase in job applications and a 26% rise in employee retention.

Our expert benefits consultants specialize in addressing the unique challenges of the waste and recycling workforce, collaborating with you to design a tailored benefits package that stands out. From competitive health plans to industry-specific perks, we'll help you create a program that your employees and your bottom line will appreciate. 


"Cottingham & Butler’s deep understanding of the waste and recycling industry sets them apart. From their tailored insurance solutions to their hands-on safety training, they've helped us mitigate risks and optimize operations across our business. With Cottingham & Butler, we know we have a partner who truly understands our needs."

Featured Expertise

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Empower Your Waste & Recycling Business

The waste and recycling industry presents distinct challenges, with safety incidents averaging $46,000 per occurrence (SWANA) and annual operational risks costing up to $5.3 million (EREF).

Imagine a future where your operational costs are streamlined, your workforce thrives in a safe environment, your contracts offer ironclad protection, and your cybersecurity defenses ward off threats effectively. This future is within your grasp, and it starts by embracing knowledge and awareness through our SMART Diagnostic Programs.

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Why Captive Insurance is the New Competitive Edge

In today's fiercely competitive world, every edge matters. But are you overlooking a hidden opportunity to reduce costs, gain control, and unlock the true potential of your insurance?  Say hello to Captive Insurance - the game-changing risk management strategy that’s no longer reserved for industry giants. It's rapidly becoming the secret weapon for forward-thinking manufacturers like you.

Explore captive insurance benefits with our Cottingham & Butler team of experts.

Waste & Recycling Insight & Impact


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