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Cottingham & Butler Captives & Programs deliver alternative risk solutions for best-in-class companies.

As a member of our Manufacturing Captive, members collaborate with similar, top-tier companies, gaining control over their insurance programs while fostering the potential for significant culture and financial improvements.


“With the help of the captive, we have added the support and structure necessary to not only make safety a focus but to make safety a part of the Woolf Culture— at work and in all of our daily lives.” 


Karen Corley  |  Controller, Woolf Distributing Company Inc. 

Weathering the Storm: Captive Insurance as a Risk Management Solution for Manufacturers in a Turbulent Economy
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Current Quarter Market Report
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Unlock the Strategic Benefits of Captive Insurance

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Predictable Costs

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Less Market Volatility

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Control Over Claims

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Lower Premiums

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Tailored Coverage

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Best-in-Class Peer Engagement

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Return of Underwriting Profits

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Company Specific Loss Control

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Is a Group Captive Right for You?

 Tired of paying too much for your insurance?

Want more control over claims handling?

Want to join growth-focused peers?

Need more proactive safety support?

Ready to invest in yourself for premium returns?

Captive Insight & Impact

Manufacturing Captive

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