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Management Services

Building a culture of safety for a secure and successful future.

Cottingham & Butler Safety Management Services is your dedicated partner in safety management and loss control. Our team of specialized safety consultants help clients craft exceptional programs aimed at risk identification, mitigation, and prevention.

Safety Management

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, we prioritize building a strong safety culture within your organization. Our consultants work closely with you to instill a safety-first mindset, seamlessly integrating safety practices with productivity even in the most streamlined and lean work environments.

Preview of the STePS Safety Training Program guide, featuring three men in safety attire.

Safety Education
and Training

Imagine a workplace where safety isn't just a priority, it's a shared value. At Cottingham & Butler, we don't just offer safety training, we create transformative learning experiences.

Our engaging workshops, interactive seminars, and expert-led programs go beyond checklists and compliance. We focus on empowering your employees, creating positive safety behaviors, and building a culture of ownership.

The results? Reduced incidents, improved morale, and a safer, more successful organization.

Safety Insights

“Safety Management Services has been a great partner and a tremendous resource as we have worked toward our safety goals. Their knowledge and practical, real-world solutions have been an instrumental part of our success.”

Chad A. Burroughs   |   United Building Centers

Let’s Get to Work

Our dedicated team of Safety Consultants is here to support your success. With expertise across various industries, we're confident in our ability to assess and better manage risk in your business. For a personalized consultation on how we can help your business operations, reach out to us today.

Safety Management Services

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