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Providing best-in-class companies a competitive advantage by rewarding great performance.

Are you ready to break free from the limitations of traditional insurance?

Group captives offer a dynamic solution for best-in-class companies to collaborate with like-minded peers, seize control of your risk financing strategy, and unlock the potential for substantial cost savings and shared profits.

The Captive Advantage Video

Experience the Captive Advantage with Cottingham & Butler

We're not just managing captives, we're shaping the future of risk management. With 12 member-owned group captives under our belt, we have the experience and expertise needed to find a program that perfectly aligns with your strategic vision and financial goals.

White ACRES captive logo, featuring a circle graphic of farmland.
White logo for Big Rig Insurance, ltd., otherwise known as BRIL.
White logo for Construction Specialty Insurance, Ltd., otherwise known as CSIL.
White logo for Diamond Insurance Limited.
White logo for Guide Re Limited.
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White logo for Pursuit Insurance Limited.
White logo for Security Insurance Company of North America.
White logo for Specialized Transport Insurance Limited, otherwise known as STIL.
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White logo for Truck Insurance Limited.
White logo for SafeTrucking Insurance Limited.

What’s the Difference?

Standard Market

For best-in-class businesses, traditional insurance has historically been the go-to-choice for managing risk. However, it often comes with costly challenges.

  • Fluctuating insurance costs regardless of claims experience 

  • Market volatility beyond your control

  • Limited influence over claims management

  • The stress of last-minute renewals

  • Insurance carrier retains profits

Captive Program

A group captive brings together best-in-class companies who join to form their own insurance company. The captive is controlled by its owners, enabling companies to break free from the standard market.

Captive Comparison Chart-01.png
Captive Comparison Chart-03.png
Captive Comparison Chart-02.png
Captive Comparison Chart-05.png
Captive Comparison Chart-04.png

Cottingham & Butler Captive clients
have received over $300 million
back in dividends


The Captive Experts


Cottingham & Butler, a leading national insurance broker, has excelled in group captive insurance programs since 1993. Our 12 captives, with 380+ members, achieve an outstanding 99% renewal rate. Our success stems from our dedicated team, rigorous selection process, and consistently lower loss ratios compared to industry standards.


A Suite of Resources Provides Support

A Partnership That Led to Growth

A Community of Peers

Safety & Claims Experts Provide Relief

How Joining a Captive Changed it All

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Ready to learn more about our Captive Solutions?

“When it came down to comparing our options and making a decision, we felt the Safe Trucking captive was the best fit for South East Carriers, Inc. We value the relationships we have built with other members and the C&B team.” 

Jeremy Gobble    |   President, Southeast Carriers, Inc. 

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