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Navigating Compliance
with Confidence

We empower you to navigate complex compliance environments confidently, freeing up your energy to drive business growth.

Benefits compliance errors can lead to costly penalties and disruptions. Our team, including on-staff compliance attorneys, helps you stay ahead of regulations, minimizing risk and ensuring a smooth benefits experience for your employees.

Compliance Updates

Get the Latest Updates & Expert Guidance. Staying on top of ever-changing benefits regulations can be a challenge. Even minor missteps can result in hefty fines, employee frustration, and operational disruptions. Let us help you navigate the complexities of compliance with ease.

Benefits Compliance Services


Navigate State & Federal Legislation

Identify potential risks of penalties and lawsuits due to non-compliance. 

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Welfare Strategic Planning

Develop multi-year strategic plans to ensure compliance with DOL, HHS, and IRS regulations. 

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ERISA Compliance & Guidance

Follow an annual federal disclosure compliance calendar, inclusive of employee notices, guides, timelines, and checklists to maintain adherence. 

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Internal Revenue Code Expertise

Receive guidance on IRC 125/cafeteria plans, health benefits, and relevant tax rules concerning employee benefit plans. 

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ACA Compliance and Resource Support

Access educational materials, timelines, sample employee letters, forms, notices, and waivers for ACA mandates, reporting, penalties, and taxes.


Streamline COBRA Administration

Efficiently manage COBRA administration, ensuring compliance and smooth transitions for employees during benefit changes.

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Accurate 5500 Filings

Handle precise and timely Form 5500 filings, providing accurate documentation for regulatory compliance.


Expertise in HSA, FSA, HRA Management

Oversee and optimize HSA, FSA, and HRA management, tailoring solutions to maximize benefits and tax advantages for your organization and employees.

Compliance Insights


Connect with our Employee Benefits Team!

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