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Proactively managing and resolving a claim is essential to recovering from a loss and improving your bottom line.

In recent years, the frequency of severe major loss events has surged, emphasizing the importance of best-in-class claims services. Our team of claims professionals is equipped with the technical skills, deep industry knowledge, and extensive experience to help meet all your organization’s risk and claim needs with precision.

Claims Management Solutions

At CBCS, Cottingham & Butler’s in-house third-party claims administrator, we're not just processors – we're trusted partners in navigating complex situations.

Decades of experience guide us in navigating even the most complex claims, while providing exceptional service is at the heart of everything we do. We are cost-conscious advocates, working tirelessly to minimize expenses and craft solutions that deliver exceptional results for a wide range of clients across all industries.

Claims Advocacy

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When a claim happens, insurance becomes a vital lifeline for your business. However, navigating complex claims can feel like an overwhelming maze of processes.

Our in-house claims advocacy experts champion your claim, securing a swift resolution that minimizes disruption. With an eye for detail and a commitment to fairness, they help interpret your coverage in your best interest, ensuring you receive a maximized recovery that protects your bottom line.

Our Client-Centric Approach

We don't just follow industry standards – we set the bar higher. Our approach is built around exceptional client service, solving problems, and delivering tangible results.

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Flexibility & Customization

We work collaboratively with clients to design a claims management approach that controls costs and meets their specific needs.


Clear Communication

CBCS prioritizes transparent communication, ensuring all parties are informed and involved throughout the entire claims process.


Investing in Expertise

Our obsession of professional development translates to superior claims management and exceptional results for our clients.

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Data-Driven Decisions

CBCS utilizes industry-leading technology to empower clients with data and insights for better decision-making.


Client-Focused Partnership

We go beyond claims processing to become a trusted advisor and partner, working alongside clients to solve problems and drive results. 

Claims Insights


“We've seen a lot of changes in our business, but CBCS has been the one constant. The results and service we have experienced have never been less than excellent.”


Industry Leading Technology & Reporting

Our cutting-edge technology and reporting capabilities empower clients to collect, track, and manage data throughout the claims management process. This enables your organization to make more informed decisions for better business outcomes.

  • Risk dashboard

  • Claims navigator

  • Claim details

  • Incident reporting

  • OSHA logs

  • Alerts

  • Exposures

  • Policies

  • Reports

Claims Management

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