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Your future starts with Cottingham & Butler

We understand the value of fresh perspectives and eager minds.

Students and recent graduates play a significant role in shaping the future of our industry. At Cottingham & Butler, we provide an environment and culture where you can learn, grow, and make a lasting impact.  

Whether you're seeking an internship to kickstart your journey or launching your career as a recent graduate, we have the perfect path for you.

Explore our opportunities now and take the first step towards your future.


See what makes interning at Cottingham & Butler the ultimate learning experience.


Internship Program


1:1 Mentorship

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Get 1:1 mentorship, manager support, and direct access to the Cottingham & Butler leadership team.

Never underestimate your potential.

As a Cottingham & Butler intern, you'll take on specific responsibilities, putting you front and center with clients and within various business functions, all while gaining a 360-degree view of life at Cottingham & Butler.

Applications for the 2025 internship program will open mid-August 2024.


Internship Class: 2017 
Current Role: Vice President, Transportation

Lexi Myers

Graduate Careers

Start your career by doing something meaningful.


A career at Cottingham & Butler means belonging to an ideas-driven culture that embraces new perspectives to solve complex problems. Whether engaging clients or contributing to our operations, every day brings a new challenge, accompanied by an ever-expanding level of responsibility.

Launch Your Career with Confidence

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Learn from C&B Insiders for advice to make a lasting impression during your interview.
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Access Our Resume Writing Guide Now to Create a Personalized, Winning Resume

What We Look For In Early Career Candidates  

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Who You Are

Embrace your individuality, share unique experiences that will contribute to our dynamic business culture.

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How You Think

Demonstrate strategic and innovative problem-solving skills vital for overcoming challenges in service to our business and clients.

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What Matters to You

Showcase your values aligned with our commitment to integrity, emphasizing a positive impact within our organization and the broader community.

Young Professionals Network

Connecting young professionals with each other, the business community, and the city in which we live, work, play, and do business.

Connect with our Recruiting Team!

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