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Reducing Costs While Maintaining Value

Recent studies have shown that family healthcare in the U.S. is now over $31K per year and the #1 cause of bankruptcy for even those with health insurance.

We align employee benefit programs with your financial goals by analyzing market trends and usage patterns. Together, we identify cost-saving opportunities and assemble expert teams to enhance your financial success beyond insurance premiums, offering the comprehensive tools and resources required for overall cost reduction.


We believe in going beyond traditional approaches. 

Our cost management strategies focus on minimizing expenses while ensuring your insurance investments retain their value. We integrate analytics, alternative funding methods, and forward-thinking claim management to optimize your benefits.

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Analytics: Empowering Informed Decisions

Using advanced analytics, our team works to understand your specific needs, calculating cost-saving strategies and working with you to put effective solutions in place. 

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Alternative Funding: Our Belief in Buying Less Insurance

We adopt a forward-thinking approach, challenging the conventional idea of excessive insurance. Our specialists analyze your requirements and recommend alternative funding models that allow you to achieve comprehensive coverage while reducing unnecessary expenses.


Claim Management: Innovative Risk Transfer, Reduction,
and Mitigation Strategies

Innovative risk management isn't just about handling claims; it's about understanding your risk profile and proactively mitigating it. Our strategies encompass pharmacy, wellness, and more, ensuring your risk is managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Financial Reporting: Measuring Success and
Managing Financials

Transparent and effective cost management are key aspects of our service. We provide comprehensive financial reporting that helps you measure the success of your insurance program and make informed decisions to optimize your financial resources.

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Discover the Guide Re Captive Advantage – Your Path to Control & Savings


Experience insurance like never before— where you're in control. Manage your healthcare spend, collaborate with like-minded businesses, gain more stable risk-sharing, and reap the potential return of underwriting profits. With expert advice and exclusive analytics, a new era of insurance awaits.


Featured Expertise

Pharmacist opening a drawer full of medication in boxes.
Pharmacy Benefits Management to Save on Rx Costs

Drug prices skyrocketed by 13.5% in the last year alone! We have the expertise employers need to trim down those pharmacy costs, while making certain your employees have access to the vital medications they need.

A stethoscope laying over a laptop keyboard, with an overlay of transparent analytics graphics.
Considering a Shift? Exploring Self-Insured Health Plans and Captives

Tired of rising healthcare costs? Moving to a self-funded health plan can provide employers with greater transparency into healthcare costs and the potential for substantial cost savings. Assess your readiness and explore the advantages of transitioning to a self-insured health plan or stop-loss captive arrangement.

Your Data At Your Fingertips

Preview of the deerwalk analytics platform interface on mockups of both a tablet and laptop device.

Effortlessly analyze benefits performance, visualize insights, and tailor plan parameters for your members without needing external IT support or consultants. Our tools seamlessly integrate data, empowering informed decisions to enhance your benefits program, optimize costs, and improve employee health outcomes.

  • Secure & Centralized Healthcare Data 

  • Customizable On-Demand Reporting & Dashboards 

  • Milliman Predictive Member Risk Indexing 

  • Quantros Provider Quality Scoring 

  • Medicare Cost Equivalent Provider Price Comparisons 

  • Population Gaps in Care 

  • Enhanced Claims Benchmarking – including National, Regional, and Industry 

Cost Management Insights

Cost Management

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