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Employee Benefits

Our Employee Benefits Practice serves as an extension of your business, helping clients efficiently administer highly valued benefits at an affordable and sustainable cost. 

Combining thoughtful analysis with bold strategies, we empower better business decisions and deliver an improved benefits experience.

Strategic Employee Benefits Consulting

Reimagining Your Benefits Strategy

Improve employee satisfaction, save time & money. We craft tailored Employee Benefits Solutions that engage your workforce and optimize your bottom line.

Cost Managemet

Cost Management

Recent studies have shown that family healthcare in the U.S. is now over $31K per year and the #1 cause of bankruptcy for even those with health insurance. By meticulously analyzing your existing benefits plan, we help identify opportunities to minimize expenses while maximizing the value you receive from your program.

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Compliance Management

With a staggering 42% of employers facing penalties for benefits compliance errors, staying on top of regulations is crucial. Our team ensures that your benefits plan remains compliant with all industry regulations by conducting thorough audits, implementing crucial updates, and offering access to a variety of tools and expert resources. 

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HR & Administrative Efficiency
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HR & Administrative Efficiency

Is your HR team bogged down by administrative tasks instead of focusing on strategic initiatives? Streamlining your HR processes with expert support can free up your team by more than 20% to focus on what matters most – your people

By creating efficient systems and workflows, we improve employee satisfaction and drive productivity among your team. 

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Employee Rewards & Engagement

Employee Rewards & Engagement

Happy employees aren't just happy, they're loyal. SHRM studies show that happy and engaged employees are 59% less likely to leave your company. We build upon wage-centric discussions by focusing on a holistic approach, enriching your employees' overall experience with your organization. By strategically aligning reward elements, we not only help you attract top talent but also improve employee retention and engagement. 

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Population Health & Wellbeing
Preview of HealthCheck360's Chronic Condition Management guide.

Population Health & Wellbeing

Explore how Population Health Solutions can transform your workforce into a healthier and more productive asset, all while delivering substantial cost savings. Benefit from data-driven insights, personalized wellness programs, and proactive health management to improve employee well-being and boost your organization's bottom line.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Allow us to facilitate a seamless transition in benefit structures through effective due diligence and risk evaluation. Our team of M&A experts shine in finding cost-effective procurement strategies to enhance your financial structures, guiding you throughout for a seamless transition and improved operational value. 

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Forward by Design

We’ve redefined the broker's role, departing from the conventional and embracing the future. Our approach reflects our dedication to empowering your business through year-round benefits planning, steady support, and strategic preparation.

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Anticipate and Adapt

We anticipate changes in the benefits landscape and swiftly adapt strategies to keep you ahead of the curve. Our consultative and proactive stance ensures your benefits program evolves with the industry.


Strategic Partnerships, Not Just Transactions

We don't just broker deals; we build lasting partnerships. Our approach is collaborative, working closely with you to craft tailored benefit solutions that align with your goals and values.


Year-Round Engagement and Support

Benefits planning isn't a once-a-year event; it's an ongoing commitment. We believe in accountability and provide continuous support, proactive insights, and strategic guidance throughout the year to optimize your benefits portfolio.

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Holistic Benefit Ecosystem

Beyond insurance, we architect a holistic benefit system. We incorporate wealth, health, and engagement elements, ensuring your employees' well-being and job satisfaction.

Featured Expertise

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Why Forward-Thinking Companies Choose Stop-Loss Captives

Feeling the pressure of rising healthcare costs? Healthcare costs have risen by twice the rate of overall inflation over the past decade and are not expected to slow down. For this reason, more companies are embracing innovative solutions like Benefits Stop-Loss Captives. A stop-loss captive offers employers the control of a self-funded plan combined with the security of protection against catastrophic claims. Think of it as a financial safety net that shields you from unexpected healthcare costs.

Two women in a pharmacy checking prescriptions and reviewing clipboards.
Gaining Control Over Prescription Drug Costs

A recent study found that specialty drugs now account for over 50% of total pharmacy expenses, despite representing only a small fraction of prescriptions filled. This translates to significant financial strain on employers.

That's where strategic carve-out programs and patient assistance programs come in. GPS, Cottingham & Butler's guided pharmacy solution, empowers employers to gain greater control over high-cost specialty drugs and connect employees with valuable assistance programs.

Cottingham & Butler 2024 Employee Benefits Trends Report

As employee expectations and demographics shift, the employee benefits landscape keeps evolving. The Benefit Trends Report stands out by zeroing in on what HR teams and corporate executives prioritize: cost management and enhancing employee value.

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Employee Benefits

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