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Food & Agribusiness

Cottingham & Butler Captives & Programs deliver alternative risk solutions for best-in-class companies.

Grounded in risk-reward principles, our group captive model draws the attention of prominent food and agribusiness businesses. By offering guidance in re-shaping their insurance strategies, we empower best-in-class companies to take charge of their programs, cultivate safer work environments, and drive down costs.

Being a member of the captive has resulted in exactly what we were aiming to do, which is lower our overall cost of insurance. However, and more important to the long-term intrinsic value our business, being a member of the captive has manifested into creating a culture of maniacal focus on safety management, risk awareness and documentation, and continuous training. 

Evan Hayes  |  CFO, Fremont Farms

Securing Your Future With Our Experience

With substantial experience supporting alternative risk solutions, you can count on Cottingham & Butler’s rich experience, expertise, and innovative captive solutions. 

Acres Insurance Limited is a member owned group captive that was founded to serve the unique needs of food and agriculture companies, including growers, producers, processors, and distributors of food-related products. Our primary mission is to provide these businesses with cost-effective insurance coverage and to actively engage as a valued partner in their comprehensive risk management endeavors.


Establishing and Managing Industry Leading Captives Since 1992

Is Captive Insurance a Viable Risk Tool for the Food & Agribusiness Industry?
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Unlock the Strategic Benefits of Captive Insurance

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Predictable Costs

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Less Market Volatility

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Control Over Claims

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Lower Premiums

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Tailored Coverage

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Best-in-Class Peer Engagement

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Return of Underwriting Profits

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Company Specific Loss Control

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Is a Group Captive Right for You?

 Tired of paying too much for your insurance?

Want more control over claims handling?

Want to join growth-focused peers?

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Food & Agribusiness Captive

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