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Building Bridges: Cassie Lowery's Commitment to Mentorship and Collaboration

Since joining Cottingham & Butler in 2016, Cassie Lowery has made a name for herself as a dynamic force in the Madison, Wisconsin, branch. Armed with a degree from Loras College, Cassie's journey with C&B began as an Associate Consultant in the Benefits Department, where she was introduced to the complex world of insurance.


Reflecting on her early days at C&B, Cassie shares, "I heard about C&B while I was still a student at Loras College. It seemed like a great fit, and little did I know it would become my professional home for years to come."


Her career trajectory within the company showcases her commitment to growth and continuous improvement. Starting from the ground up, Cassie worked closely with her mentor, learning the ropes of the industry and honing her skills. Eventually, she transitioned into the role of an Employee Benefits Consultant, gaining autonomy and building her own client base. Today, as a Senior Client Consultant, Cassie juggles a wide variety of national accounts and private equity projects. 

"At C&B, there's ample support for nurturing new

ideas and projects," Cassie explains. "The dynamic nature

of the insurance industry ensures there's always room

for innovation and growth."

Cassie has been an integral part of various initiatives throughout her tenure. From championing mental health services to spearheading new-hire training programs, she has left a distinct mark on Cottingham & Butler’s culture. Notable among these are her contributions to the quarterly service newsletter, where she shares insights on relevant topics, strategies, and compliance updates.


"I draw inspiration from my mentors at C&B," Cassie notes. "Their guidance instilled in me a passion for mentoring and fostering a truly collaborative work environment."


With each project, Cassie gains invaluable insight, developing fresh perspectives and strengthening her collaborative skills. Her dedication to building relationships and nurturing talent has become a cornerstone of her career at C&B.


With her unwavering enthusiasm and collaborative spirit, she continues to shape the landscape of insurance services while nurturing the next generation of industry professionals.

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