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C&B Better: Making a Difference in Our Community

Our team is passionate about making Dubuque a better place, and they're turning that passion into action! 

Launched in 2021, a group of Cottingham & Butler employees came together to form the C&B Better Initiative, a grassroots movement dedicated to better understanding and supporting the needs of our community.

Every quarter, hundreds of Cottingham & Butler teammates gather in person and virtually to connect with and champion three local organizations making a positive impact. This spotlight shines a bright light on some of the most pressing issues facing Dubuque and our surrounding community’s residents.

Our Mission

The C&B Better Initiative unites the giving spirit of our employees with the needs of

our community to sustainably break down barriers and empower positive change.

But the C&B Better Initiative isn't just about awareness – it's about empowering positive change. The initiative unites the incredible giving spirit of our employees with the needs of our community, and together, we have already impacted thousands of lives across our community.

The C&B Better Initiative grants have already made a significant impact across various causes, including:

  • Providing 60,000 meals through support for a local mobile food pantry.

  • Purchasing a vision screener to facilitate eye exams in Dubuque Public Elementary schools.

  • Supplying basic female necessities for the Red Basket Project.

  • Delivering mattresses for the local Better Sleep, Better Health program.

  • Offering essential supplies and clothing for children entering foster care.

  • Donating to a local women's and children's shelter, aiding victims of domestic abuse.

  • Funding a 5-week summer program for local youth, focused on fostering better learners, readers, and heroes.

We couldn't be prouder of our team and the ongoing impact they make within our community. The C&B Better Initiative continues to be a shining example of Cottingham & Butler's commitment to philanthropy and is a testament to the power of individuals coming together to make a real difference.

Ready to make a difference?


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