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Claims Advocacy: Saving, Recovering, and Problem-Solving

At Cottingham & Butler, we have a dedicated team of problem solvers in the form of a Claims Advocacy team. The primary goal of our Claims Advocacy team is to work with insurance company adjusters to negotiate and resolve tense or complex claim situations. Much of our problem-solving involves leveraging our relationships with insurance companies to get our clients fair and timely claims outcomes.

From day one, our team works to identify what may be impeding a claim to then remove the impediment. Depending on the claim scenario, we may persuade insurance adjusters to decrease claim reserves to help with the policy renewal process or follow up for regular status updates on the claim to maintain forward momentum to resolution.

These kinds of advocacy activities, while not necessarily measurable from a financial standpoint, contribute to the idea that “time is money,” meaning that anything that can be done to speed up the claims process should result in some kind of cost savings.

While there are many different types of claims advocacy that we do for clients, our Claims Advocacy team at Cottingham & Butler likes to be able to advocate for clients in such a way that it is measurable on the company’s bottom line. This tends to be in the form of successfully challenging claim valuations, overturning coverage denials and adverse liability determinations, and pursuing recoveries against negligent 3rd parties for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by clients.

In 2022 alone, our Claims Advocacy team saved and recovered nearly $4 Million on behalf of our clients. Of this amount, $1.25 Million was attributed to recoveries while the remaining $2.75 million or so was attributed to savings. The average savings per claim was $36,625, with the largest savings being $325,000, earned from overturning a coverage denial. The average recovery per claim was $13,245, with the largest recovery being $117,000.

See below to view additional results from clients and learn how our Advocacy team was able to positively impact their claim resolutions.

2022 Brokerage Claim Savings

A graph providing information on the 2022 brokerage claim savings accumulated by Cottingham & Butler's Claims Advocacy team in 2022.

2022 Brokerage Claim Recoveries

A graph providing information on the 2022 brokerage claim recoveries accumulated by Cottingham & Butler's Claims Advocacy team in 2022.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our Claims Advocacy program, contact your Cottingham & Butler representative today.


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