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From Classroom Inspiration to Career Success: Colin Green's Journey at Cottingham & Butler

Early one morning during his senior year at St. Ambrose University, Colin Green rolled out of bed to attend one of his sales classes. Once seated, he noticed the arrival of two guest speakers—both from Cottingham & Butler—and settled in for their presentation. The rest, Colin says, is history.

“At the time, I already had two internships at another insurance brokerage firm and had a job lined up. It was during that class and that presentation that made me think twice about my decision. Ultimately, I decided I wanted to learn more about C&B and what they had to offer.”

Colin began his career at Cottingham & Butler as part of the Executive Development Program within the Risk Management Practice. He was tasked with building his expertise—to dig into the world of insurance, learn how to solve problems for clients, and ultimately grow the business. Colin quickly excelled, and in the following years, he achieved impressive sales milestones, consistently surpassing his new business targets.

“The most valuable training I received was the opportunity to see our team in action,” said Colin. “I attended renewal meetings, safety discussions, claim

reviews, toured facilities, and got to see

why what we do is important.”

Colin’s early career successes eventually led him to take on a pivotal role as a founding member of Cottingham & Butler’s Madison, Wisconsin, office. Today, he serves as a trusted advisor for clients nationwide and a respected mentor for colleagues across the organization.


“Looking back, the growth in our resources, capabilities, clientele, and personnel here in Madison is unimaginable. Cottingham & Butler has always believed in me and our teams’ capabilities.”


In addition to his professional accomplishments, Colin treasures the personal opportunities that Cottingham & Butler has provided. It was here that he met his wife, with whom he now shares three beautiful children.


“If I were to talk to someone who was considering applying, I’d tell them: just do it. It’s easily the best decision I’ve ever made. If you’re looking for a company that will support you, provide the resources to be successful, give you the runway to be your best, with the opportunity for advancement – this is the place for you.”


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