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Identifying Opportunities for Improvement on Claims, Safety, and Contractual Risk

A middle-market landscape contractor— who was with an unspecialized broker for over 10 years— felt they were being under-serviced and were not aware of existing issues within their program.

After engaging with Cottingham & Butler’s construction specialists, we were able to uncover several significant deficiencies and numerous opportunities for improvement.

Cottingham & Butler identified 5 carriers with an appetite for their class of business who have not been approached in 5-plus years. Past marketing had been infrequent and disorganized, with carriers declining the account for a service they had not performed in several years. This was due to poor client representation and the broker not understanding the client’s operations.

Our team's strategic marketing plan allowed us to secure several options to compare to their current program. This allowed their company to make a more educated decision on which program best fits their business objectives. The result was a 20%+ premium reduction.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that their policies, subcontractor agreement, and snow removal contract had several deficiencies and exclusions – residential work exclusion, deficient installation floater coverage, deficient pollution coverage, outdated contract requirements, lack of 3rd Party Risk Transfer, and more. Cottingham & Butler made the client aware of these issues and made corrections that resulted in no additional premium.

Two claims were open with large reserves affecting their Mod factor. These were passed along to our in-house Claims Advocacy team, who developed an approach to drive better outcomes. We succeeded in lowering the reserves, which resulted in an improved Mod factor, and have since provided ongoing proactive claim advocacy and support.


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