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Unlock the Power of Data for Your Trucking Business

Trucking Benchmark Survey

Over 80% of all trucking companies battle high driver turnover rates which often are directly linked to subpar employee benefits. Investing in a comprehensive benefits and compensation program, not only boosts driver satisfaction but also significantly reduces turnover rates and positions your company to attract and retain the best drivers.


For over 15 years, the Cottingham & Butler Trucking Benchmark Survey has provided trucking companies with data-backed insights to enhance their employee benefits strategy, improve driver retention, and ultimately drive long-term success.

Don't miss your opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the industry and transform your trucking company's future.

Why Participate?

High driver turnover isn't just a statistic – it's a seismic blow to your trucking company's bottom line. Research shows that losing just one driver can cost your company up to $11,500, factoring in recruitment, training, and lost productivity expenses.

Recruiting and retaining top-quality drivers is crucial for the success of any motor carrier.

The Cottingham & Butler Trucking Benchmark Survey offers insights into:

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Driver compensation & bonus structures


Paid time off strategies


Detailed Medical and Rx Plan Benchmarks


Miscellaneous benefits tailored to the trucking industry

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Participate in our survey to receive your FREE personalized report, allowing you to benchmark your programs against industry standards and optimize your strategies for success.

Gain a competitive advantage and elevate your cost management strategies by benchmarking your programs against industry peers.

Join leading motor carriers from across the nation in shaping the future of the industry. Participate in our survey now and gain access to the tools you need to elevate your trucking operation.

Transportation Insight & Impact

Whether you need clarification on survey data or want to discuss optimizing your benefits strategy, we're just a message away.

Kim Beck, Senior Vice President.
Jamie Bishop, Vice President.
Jill Lange, Employee Benefits Consultant.
Jill Lange
Sales Executive
Kim Beck
Senior Vice President
Jamie Bishop
Vice President
Eddie Rios, Vice President.
Jackie Ronning, Vice President.
Eddie Rios
Vice President
Jackie Ronning
Vice President

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