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Surety Bonds

Enjoy Greater Flexibility 

The Cottingham & Butler Surety team specializes in delivering surety bond solutions that provide unparalleled adaptability, giving you the freedom and confidence to pursue your goals with ease.

Our Approach

With an aim to structure a program that will provide a contractor with the flexibility to capitalize on strategic opportunities, we focus on consultancy to help our clients understand how best to position themselves for success.

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Program Design

We analyze and improve surety programs to get you the best deal with flexible terms, so you can pursue the projects you want without overspending. Our experienced team closely evaluates your requirements, identifying areas for cost reduction and improved efficiency, while ensuring you have the necessary capacity to undertake projects of varying scales. 

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Market Relationships

We partner with a number of sureties on a regional and national level. We advocate for our clients and obtain results by leveraging our strong and deep relationships. Our extensive network allows you to connect with the right surety providers, ensuring you get the most favorable terms and conditions. 

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Benchmarking & Services

Our proprietary reports go well beyond financial performance. Through our unique process, we provide clients with insight that helps them outshine the competition. Our benchmarking services are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your standing in the industry. 


Subcontractor Default Insurance

We help our clients limit the risk of subcontractor default through a comprehensive approach that includes a “constant qualification” (assessment and implementation), selection process, real time contractor qualification and verification, and contractual risk transfer. Our tailored approach to subcontractor risk management ensures that your projects remain on track and that potential disruptions are mitigated. 

Surety Bond Types

Explore the different types of surety bonds and begin your application through the selections below.


Experience the Power of Surety Bonds 

Bank-Guaranteed Security

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Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing your financial interests are backed by a reliable institution. 

Surety Bonds Insights

Surety Bonds Contact

Questions? Talk to our Surety specialist!

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